I grew up in a rural Do-It-Yourself household, and my mom, after years of Home Ec, was handy with a sewing machine. Her sewing skills were put to use making eveything from school clothes to quilts to the elaborate antebellum dresses and uniforms that she and my dad would wear to weekend Civil War re-enactments. I watched on in fascination, unwittingly absorbing into my psyche both mad sewing skills and an appreciation for historical accuracy. That upbringing, combined with an inherent love of design and a fascination with storytelling, has led me from volunteering to help out drag queens at Mardi Gras balls in Baton Rouge, through numerous costume shops and theaters in Texas and California, and to my present positions in San Francisco as Freelance Costume Designer and Costume Workroom Manager at SF Ballet. This portfolio chronicles my journey in costume design.  Contact me for more information or for potential design work.